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Rotatable CatNip Ball

Rotatable CatNip Ball

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Introducing the Rotatable Catnip Ball – the purr-fect blend of fun and dental care for your feline friend!

Functions: Cat Teeth Grinding Cleaning Toy

- Natural and Non-Toxic: Crafted from pure natural plant extracts, our catnip balls contain no chemical additives, ensuring a safe and healthy playtime for your cat.

- Practical Design: Easily stick the cat toys to walls or surfaces – their strong adhesion ensures they won't come off while your kitten indulges. Plus, watch the ball rotate 360 degrees when licked for an interactive play experience.

- Keep Your Cat Happy: Infused with catnip and silver vine, these balls are irresistible to your cat. The effective attractants promote both relaxation and movement, reducing anxiety and keeping your cat content.

- Tooth Cleaning: Say goodbye to dental issues! Catnip helps reduce plaque and tartar, promoting fresh breath and enhancing the oral health of your beloved kittens.

Package Includes:
- 1 x Catnip Ball

Give your cat the joy of play and the gift of a healthier smile with our Rotatable Catnip Ball!

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